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I just want everyone to know how AMAZING Amanda is. She is a woman of faith whom remains dedicated to the ministry yet has expanded her horizons and embarked on exciting new ventures. Anything she touches turns to Gold for she has the favor of God. I met Amanda 3 months ago and I have to say that it was a life changing experience. This remarkable woman welcomed with me with open arms, pure intent, and a sincerity that is rare and hard to find. I thank God that he has put Amanda in my life because she has offered me direction when I have been lost, she has offered advice when I was pondering a decision, and a listening ear when I almost had a breakdown. Through her coaching I have a new lease on life and it is to live life with joy and no regrets. Thank you, Amanda for your friendship, your wisdom, and your angelic spirit, you are truly one of a kind. 

- With Love and Encouragement, Arin Sanders

I met this amazing young lady about 4 years ago or so, and my first impression was WOW she has a dynamic zeal for the things of God at such a young age!!! She somewhat reminded me of myself at the age of 26 surrendering my life to Jesus Christ and hungry for the fullness! But of course, different pathways! 

I meet her spirit, but I didn't know the person Amanda! Eventually we did, and now that I know this super young lady, I'm extremely glad God had our paths cross! She is an explosive, innovative, loving & caring person! Always ready to share, teach, mentor, coach, pray, support and I can go on & on like this non-stop! She's as beautiful inside as she is outward! Amanda is the real-deal! Her enthusiastic life makes you motivated to do and become all that God has for you in life! I truly admire and respect Amanda Ashton for the Woman of God that she is and the prestigious, educated, intelligent Life Coach she's mastered! 

May God bless your every endeavor, desire, dreams, aspirations and destiny Prophetess, Ms., Dr., Life Coach Amanda Ashton!

- Pastor Greta Angus

Where do I start?! Amanda has truly proven herself to be a dedicated, hardworking, loving, and God fearing woman that puts her all into everything she does. I’ve had the honor to see Amanda grow overtime into the young lady that she is today. Her passion and love for people sets her aside from others. She’s willing to go above and beyond to cater to others and provide them with information and/or resources that aid in them growing spiritually, mentally, and physically. I am humbled and honored to call her friend!

- Sade Stewart 


Amanda Ashton, RichWay Facilitator, has truly been a blessing to me in my life in the short amount of time that I have known her and I must say it has truly been a blessing. She has effortlessly assist me to ensure the vision I have for myself is sculpted by the right hands so I can manifest into the greatness I know I AM. I am forever grateful for your humble and serving spirit. Thank You Amanda

- Nichole Singleton ~ TheGr8Motivator

I met Amanda as a student nurse and from the start knew this lady had something special going for her. She was smart, witty, warm and caring. Later I was lucky enough to precept her as a young nurse. She wasn’t easily rattled by much and I realized this girl had God on her side. She was adamant about her beliefs and her God. She loved everybody despite whatever addictions or history they carried with them. She believed so much in herself that I remember giving her a bracelet that said....she believed she could so she did. This young lady makes no bones about her love for the Lord. Her praise dancing, singing, and blessings she shares with all are truly inspirational. She’s touched many lives along the way.....mine included and I’m blessed our paths crossed. 

- Martie Fowler

I met Amanda many years ago. She's intelligent, she has great character, personality, and spiritually in tuned with God. Fantastic speaker and motivator. I'm happy to have to met her.

- Trey Willis

My testimony is about my husband. I have asked for prayer and prayers were answered and I continue to ask for prayer. His heart function went from 23% to 43%. The doctor can’t explain even when his heart function was at 23% he was still functioning as if nothing was wrong with his heart. Again doctors could not explain why he was doing so good and was not weak and no fever and how he could walk 5 to 6 miles a day without stopping to rest. His doctor tell him he can’t explain he just know he is improving.

- Rene & Tony

I first met Amanda through her sister 5 years ago. She’s helped and guided me in so many ways over these years. She’s so smart kind and a very uplifting and outspoken person. I have had problems with my diabetes for as long as I can remember. My numbers were through the roof all out of control. I bounced around from doctor to doctor yet no one took the time out to get to know me as a person. I just didn’t feel connected to them in any kind of way. To me it was as if I were an experiment trying different meds of what they thought would help but instead some made me sick and weak. I had many trips to the Emergency Room. With a little help from Amanda she became who I started to see when I changed doctors. She took the time to figure me out. She pushed me and made me want to actually take my medicines just to see if I could get my numbers down. My sugars went from high 600s to mid 100s and I felt fine which was shocking to me because when it would drop to 300 I couldn’t even function!!! I thank God for people like Amanda. She saw something was wrong and she wouldn’t stop until she figured it out. She is a very special person and she has touched and impacted a lot of people’s lives and I know God has more in store for her!!! 

- Jaleesa Phillips

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda in a health care environment nearly four years ago. Although she was young at that time I was so impressed by her drive, dedication and pursuance of her goals. She continues to be an intelligent very competent nursing professional.  Additionally, Amanda has a heart for her patients and their wellbeing.  I know Amanda to be a wonderful Christian with a strong faith in God. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, she will pray for those in need. In fact, when my brother was hospitalized- I know Amanda was there praying and offering words of support and encouragement.   

- Kristine Sutton  

Amanda Ashton is the best Nurse Practitioner I have ever met. From our first visit I felt like she really cared about me. I even remember one time she came out to visit with me while my parents were having an appointment. Every time I called the office she would personally take my call. If I had a question she answered it. When my dad had surgery she once again took my call and gave me the suggestion of a good rehab. Any time something showed up on my tests she called me and told me what to do. It is so nice to have such a great person who really cares.

- Sonya Hughes

I am a entrepreneur who has been in business for myself for over a decade now. I’ve had the privilege to meet Amanda and in a very short period of time I realized that I was connected with a person who was a visionary, a great woman of God, someone who loves people and has ambition. It’s hard to teach ambition. I am a life coach and one thing it is difficult to coach on is ambition. Amanda is a very ambitious person. She happened to have a business opportunity that I think is not only great for her business wise but it can allow other people to be successful on the financial end as well and it’s a product that can save lives. It’s important to be able to understand the water you drink. Water is one of the manifestations of balance. It is such a vital part of our lives to make sure we not only have water but the type of water that can impact and change our lives. I am a customer and drink the water Amanda sales. I am excited to have and feel secure that everyday I drink water it is empowering my body and life allowing me to live with longevity, health, and vibrance. I am thankful for Amanda, the company, the water and just being connected to a great person. 

- Ricky Bennett, CEO & Founder of The RichWay 

I’ve known Amanda for over seven years now and I can honestly say she’s been a consistent, loving friend, all of these years. My first impression of Amanda was that she was sweet, caring, and strong. After getting to know her, I found out she was just THAT and SO MUCH MORE. There’s so much to admire about Amanda but one of the things I admire most is her heart for God’s people. Anyone who knows Amanda, knows she has a heart to pray for and serve God’s people, any way that she can. It’s been a true blessing knowing Amanda and having her in my life, these past seven years. She’s been there with me and for me through some of the toughest times in my life and I thank her for that. May God continue to bless what she does in His name and cause her to prosper in all her endeavors. Much love! 

- Natia Barton

Ms. Amanda Ashton has been a true adversary, peer, and most importantly my friend over these past seven years. When GOD allowed our spirits to connect, Amanda has always had the uncanny ability to go over and beyond the call of duty concerning helpfulness. I’m truly grateful for her consistency in my life and desire to seek GOD’s wisdom before giving any kind of advice. The Good Lord broke the mold when He Blessed this world with Amanda.

- Robbie Honeycutt 

Amanda being a professional in the medical field, has always been very passionate about teaching people about health and wholeness. She is a nurse practitioner who truly cares about the wellbeing of her patients. She is very knowledgeable about what goes in the body is a major factor of our health. With our bodies being 70% water, she knew that it had to to play a major role in our health. She began to do an extensive research on the subject, and found that alkaline water was best for human consumption because of all of it's amazing properties. I suggest you consult with Amanda today so she can share all the wonderful benefits you'll derive from drinking alkaline water. You will not regret it!

- Janet Hasty 

Amanda is such a wonderful and great person to have either as a friend or a wife. She is very firm and strong in making decisions. She's a very smart, religious, and a hardworking nurse aside from her ministry work. She should be every young man's dream partner in marriage as I see her as a virtuous woman. She loves to assist people if she can. She encourages and gives good advice too. I always love to have her as a friend and I don't think I will ever regret having her as my friend forever. I'm grateful having such a queen as a friend in my life.

- Samuel Boateng 

There is so much I could say about this beautiful, intelligent, hardworking Woman of God but there is not enough words that could explain it all. Some people would say I’m biased because she is my baby sister but the impact she has had on me is amazing. Amanda is always pushing me to be a better person each day of my life. She helps me see things in me that I never knew of myself. She truly brings out the best in me. If you were to look up the work amazing you would find a picture of Amanda. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. I’m proud of the lady you have become and look forward to see all the accomplishments that you are going to encounter. Keep reaching for the Heavens because you have already soared over the stars!! 

- Kim Gardner

I just want to say my sister has been a big impact on my life. She has showed me that going to college is not so bad. Seeing her walk across the stage was just so heart warming to me and it motivated me to go to college. She’s steadily been motivating me to stay focused on my plans and keeping a good relationship with God. She’s just a loving and caring person she helps anyone she able to. She’s just a big motivation to my life and I just want to make her proud and she her that the help and speeches she has given me wasn’t a waste time.

- C. J. 

Amanda you are my third born grand baby. A sweet and kind child who never caused your Moma any trouble. I’ve been so proud knowing you graduated from three schools with honors....all on your own...and never asked anyone for help. Your faith in our Heavenly Father has shown us there are blessings. You are one of ours! To share His Word is the Greatest Gift you can give or receive. I consider myself one in a million as so many young adults these days don’t care to spend time with the ole folks yet my baby is always there taking care of her Papa. Remember our cruise? I will always see it.....you had two bags and took mine....then you took my hand so I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. Such a sweet and kind child. It’s an honor to be your Papa.

- Lucky Gardner 

I want to tell you about an amazing young woman by the name of Amanda Ashton. She has been a very good inspiration to many people in her life including family and friends with all the achievements and hard work in ministry, as a nurse practitioner, and business ethics. She is an all around great person. I can't say enough about this amazing young woman but I am glad to call her my daughter and I love her so much for the impact she has on me. Keep up the good work!

- Christopher Ashton Sr. 

Amanda Ashton is my youngest daughter. She has always been an unique person. She started walking at the age of 6 months and been on the move every since. She has been an inspiration to me in that you never give up on anything but try your hardest at whatever you try to do. I do believe she will exceed in whatever the Lord put on her heart to do.

- Angela Gardner 

From the time I met Amanda I knew she would prosper. She’s always been outgoing. As a little girl up to a teenager she was a joy to travel with and fun to be around and when around Amanda I would always learn something new. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun but it was new to me. She has truly been a joy to be around from day one til now. I know there is going to be good things in her future that God have to give and my hope for her is that she will be open minded to receive it all in Jesus name. 

- Nanna